Lets talk split ends

Date: 17th Sunday, May, 2020

We still do not have a definite date for our return and by now not only are your roots ready for a salon visit, but your ends may be looking a bit worse for wear too.
We have been giving you some tips about giving your colour a lift, this week lets talk SPLIT ENDS.

Hair fibre is primarily a protein called Keratin with a little moisture to keep it soft and pliable. Over a period of time (as hair grows) the Keratin hardens, and environmental factors such as sun and wind, along with physical factors like hair drying and heat styling deplete the moisture content and hair becomes brittle and dry. It affects the ends first, and over a period of time the hair may split. The problem with not getting those split ends cut off is that the split may continue up the hair shaft.

This is why sometimes your hairstylist will want to take off a little more than you would like. There is something you can do to keep your hair moisturised and the keratin strong to avoid brittleness and that split. A deep conditioning hair mask that has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and replenish protein and moisture used weekly will help those ends stay in tact. Depending on your hair type, we can recommend the right mask and how to use it for you. Maybe you want to send some product to a dear friend to make their day.

Sensus Nectar Recovery Kit
(contains shampoo, mask and leave in spray)
Repairing and strengthening kit, enriched with ARC (Active Revitalizing Complex).
For damaged hair with a tendancy to break and that aspires to be healthy, bright and strong lengths!

Eufora Power Up Duo
(contains replenishing treatment and elixirONE leave in treatment)
Repair the inner structure and the outer layer of the hair. Protect and revitalise colour. Improve strength and promote healthy growth.

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