Hair Product of the week...... OLAPLEX No.3

Date: 14th Monday, May, 2018

This week ONLY £25 (usual price £32)

The secret to the hair of your dreams! 

Shiny, soft, manageable and healthy...... what more could your hair want????

OLAPLEX has taken the hair industry by storm over the last couple of years since its appearance into professional hair salons around the globe.

A firm favourite of stylists and pretty much anyone who has ever used it.

No.3 is not a conditioner/ No.3 is an at home bond builder that contains the same active ingredient found in all professional OLAPLEX products. The incredible technology inside these bottle repairs the broken disulfide bonds in every type of hair and provides real, structural repair that works from within.

Abbie say's.....

I absolutely love the whole OLAPLEX rebonding system, we offer OLAPLEX in the salon as professional service, were can add this magic potion into hair colours so it repairs the hair as the colour is processing or we can do as a stand alone treatment. OLAPLEX is the most impressive product that has hit the hairdressing professional circuit certainly since I have been hairdressing.

Hair weakens and is damaged for daily environmental factors and also the heat styling and the colouring we put it through, thus damaging the inner bonds of the hair, this can now for the first time be fixed.

No.3 is an absolute must for anyone wanting healthy hair, used at home once per week, the potion is applied top damp or dry hair and left for a minimum of 10 minutes (but the longer the better! some of us at the salon actually sleep in it :)) then the hair is washed and conditioned as normal. Regular use strengthened the hair more and more, unlike a conditioner this product does not fade from the hair with washes, it permanently repairs until more damage is done.

If you want healthy looking and strong feeling hair, this should be your go to product (it's mine!)

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