Change the way you cleanse forever....

Date: 29th Friday, September, 2017

Introducing the all NEW Dermalogica Pre Cleanse balm.

This wonder product will literally dish the “dirt” on cleansing!

The average person only spends 20 seconds cleansing their skin, this is not enough to penetrate the layers which all the grime (e.g. make-up, pollutants, sebum) has built up throughout the day. This can lead to impurities and a dull complexion.

This refreshing, water activated balm melts away any impuritites (the bad stuff!) for a deeper clean that cleanser alone. It will smooth, condition and nourish skin and will enable your other skin care products to work better than they ever have before!

There’s nothing Pre Cleanse Balm can’t remove.

- Mascara                           - Lipstick

- Foundation                       - Make- Up

- Sunscreen                        - Impurities

If you would like to know any more information on Pre Cleanse Balm, pop into the salon and speak to one of our Dermalogica experts! 

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