Stress and your Skin

Date: 8th Friday, April, 2022

Why stress has a negative effect on your skin

April is Stress Awareness Month, says Jade, so this month we’re going to take a look at how stress can affect the condition of your skin and what to do about it.

Why stress affects the skin

Unfortunately for our skin, it’s a double whammy when it comes to stress explains Jade.

We produce stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline when we feel stressed. These alter the way our bodies work and can cause skin problems.

Also, the skin itself can produce stress hormones in response to environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays or variations in temperature.

How stress affects the skin

Stress affects us both mentally and physically, but the signs on our skin can be the most obvious – and can add to our feelings of stress. A bit of a vicious circle!

So what are the signs? There are a few says [add therapist’s name]:

Dry, sagging and wrinkled skin.
Dark shadows under the eyes.
Eczema (dry itchy skin).
Psoriasis (flaky red patches).
Vitiligo (white patches on your skin) which can be triggered by severe or sudden stress.
Red, itchy bumps called hives.
Rosacea (symptoms include red blushing that comes and goes, tiny broken blood vessels and burning or stinging when using water or products).

Stress can also worsen some existing conditions such as acne and cold sores (herpes simplex).

Treating stressed-out skin

Always get your GP’s advice about conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo or any other skin-related condition that may need medical treatment or a prescription medicine.

In the meantime, why not indulge yourself with some skin de-stressing treatments. It’ll not only make your skin look great, but a little pampering will make you feel better too. We’re happy to talk you through our range of treatments – just pop in or give us a call.

We also have some brilliant products for self care including moisturisers, scrubs, exfoliators, masks, and hyaluronic acid and vitamin C-based products to really give your skin a boost.

“It’s all about finding the best products that work for you and sticking to a routine that fits in with your lifestyle – so you can say goodbye to stressed out skin,” says Jade.

Avoid comfort eating

“It’s so easy to reach out for a glass of wine or some comforting sweet treat when we’re feeling stressed – but giving in to temptation too often will make it even harder for your skin to bounce back from a period of stress,” explains Jade.

“In fact,” she adds, “conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis can be triggered or made worse by alcohol and caffeine.”

As ever, the best advice is to follow a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg. Stay active, drink plenty of water and avoid too much alcohol and junk food.

Feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed?

Finally, Jade advises, “Don’t soldier on alone if you’re really stressed out and finding it difficult to cope. Always seek advice from your GP and look into self-help techniques too. The NHS has lots of information and guidance on its website.”

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