Winter Styling Tips

Date: 24th Wednesday, November, 2021

From your salon experts

Chloe - I would recommend using Smooth. With the change in weather is will help stop fly'a'ways and protect your hair against the moisture in the air making it manageable. You can purchase it on it's own or as part of the 3 for £30.00 offer.

Alex - I love Olaplex. Preferably No.6 & No.7 as they protect your hair whilst your on the go, helps protect against environmental damage such as the natural elements. They work really well when cocktailed together by mixing a pea size No.6 with 2 drops of No.7 and distribute mid lengths and ends on damp hair before drying. 

Jaz - Beauty works oil is amazing. You only need 1 drop as it goes so far. You put the oil on the palms of your hand, rub hands together to warm it up and then run through your DRY hair. It will stop fly'a'ways which are a common issue this time of year. It also smells amazing. 

Ami - I have been taking really good care of my hair using 2 different treatments. I am currently using Eufora Beautifying elixirs moisture masque and Eufora Elixir One. My hair looks and feels amazing. If you are looking for a treatment or mask I personally really recommend one of these or if your fancy a treat. Your hair will thank you for it. Did you know that if you purchase 3 full price Eufora Items you receive a FREE gift bag worth £50.00. 

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