It's official, we are re-opening on 12th April 2021!

Date: 5th Monday, April, 2021

We are so pleased that we have been given the green light and can officially reopen from 12th April 2021. Our team will be working throughout the week to get you all booked back in for your hair and beauty appointments. To make things as fair as possible we will be contacting you all as follows:

  • If you had an existing appointment in Jan-April that was missed due to COVID19 we will be calling you in the first instance. 
  • We will then call all those who requested to be added to our priority list (which is now closed).
  • Once all priority appointments have been made we will be reopening our phone lines and online booking.

We know you will be wanting to be booked in as soon as possible. However, in order for us to make your appointments as quickly as possible please ensure you have:

  • Your phone - so you don't miss our call
  • Your diary - so you ca check your availability
  • Your card - to pay your reservation fee

Talk to you soon. Marie Clare x

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